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My name is Frederik.

I'm a designer, developer and photographer from Germany. I enjoy designing and creating logos, covers, wallpapers, websites and even apps. Everything that's creative excites me. In the past years I've been lucky enough to develop this passion into my job. Particularly when doing work for musicians this has been incredibly enjoyable, as it allows me to take inspiration from their music and integrate that into my work. The languages I know best are HTML, CSS, C#, Java and German ;).

Since 2012 I'm the Executive Designer of Heroic Recordings, an experimental record label that started in that same year. They've been changing the way people are thinking about music - and I've shaped their visual identity. They have helped me a lot by giving me the opportunity to practice and to earn money for designing and developing content.

I've done a bunch of wallpapers (You can check them out here) but now I'm focussed on creating content for other people.

Recently, I have invested in a good camera set-up, allowing me to practice photography at a professional level. Check out my photography here.

Leading Designer.

The logo you can see above is the logo of FSPDesign, my brand I launched in 2011 to give my work a name and a logo. Since 2011, I'm doing my work under FSPDesign commercially, to save money for equipment, such as my graphic tablet, photography gear, my laptop itself etc.

Additionally, I'm supporting some artists for free, just because I love them and their music.

You can find FSPDesign here:


After creating graphics with my computer, I decided to go one step further into creative works. In order to accomplish that, I gave myself and my work another, new name: "FSPDesign & Photography", which is essentially just FSPDesign with the new "Photography" part, however, I quickly became a demanded photographer.

You can find FSPDesign & Photography here:

Web Developer.

As a designer and coder, I love blurring the lines between these two. Design and code should be integrated fluently, and with my capacity in modern coding languages I develop sophisticated and well-designed applications that are both easy on the eye and practical in use.

Starting 2010 I started learning code, writing HTML5 and CSS3. I've since developed various web-apps, including server side PHP and SQL coding.

Executive Designer est 2012.

With Heroic, Budi (budivoogt.com) started a digi-label and artist collective bringing you ish that they love. Since day 0, I'm the Executive and Leading Designer on Heroic Recodings. I'm developing their websites, album artworks, logos and much more and I love to work with them.

You can find Heroic Recordings here:


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